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Writer / Producer / Director of Operations

Before making the leap to the drone world, I spent most of my life in the advertising industry developing multichannel campaigns, managing creative processes and overseeing agency operations. Throughout my career I’ve always tried to focus on understanding the authentic nature of each client. I believe every brand has a unique story to tell and the goal is to communicate that story in a way that elevates the brand both competitively and culturally.

The key to any storytelling assignment is to trigger the senses and connect with people on an emotional level. And nothing does that more powerfully or more effectively than drone imagery. Whether it’s soaring over a golf course, tracking a race car, documenting a construction project or circling a waterfall, Skyclops can deliver stunning visuals and fully produced videos that take your story to a higher level.

Dustin Wallis

Cinematographer / Editor / FAA Certified Drone Pilot

I started my career in cinematography and began specializing in drone video and photography about five years ago. Since becoming an FAA certified drone pilot, I’ve traveled all over the country shooting in every type of environment for a wide variety of clients. Finding unique perspectives and creating compelling imagery in the sky is always an exciting challenge for us at Skyclops.

Because I’m using the sun and natural light, the planning and preparation processes are crucial to getting successful drone visuals. That’s why understanding weather patterns, seasonality, time of day, type of terrain and the right equipment are all part of the creative process. So whether it’s getting up early to capture that magic hour or staying out late to shoot the perfect sunset, I’m always focused on finding the best possible way to show off your product, service or property.