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advantages of skyclops

compelling cinematic storytelling

  • Unique and dramatic drone perspectives will help your company stand out.
  • Use videos for web and broadcast or stills for brochures, web, and direct mail.
  • We can also shoot traditional (non-drone) video to complete your story with interviews, demonstrations, etc.

FAA Certification

  • FAA-certified pilot allows your company to use footage for commercial use.
  • Without certification, your company could receive harsh fines and penalties.
  • Our knowledge of flying conditions and regulations means your company’s reputation is in good hands.


  • Liability insurance assures you’re never at risk.
  • Peace of mind is key when hiring a drone pilot.
  • We take safety precautions seriously so that you’re completely covered.

Creative And Production Services

  • Skyclops excels in capturing beautiful drone imagery, but we also write, edit and produce fully finished videos.
  • Add such elements as voiceover, soundtrack, graphics, animation or special effects to any production.
  • We can also assist you with projects in other creative mediums. We are more than just drones!